About Botany

botany.io is the operating system for exceptional software engineering teams.

Botany is a hot new tech start-up, focused on growing and empowering great software developers and engineering managers. Founded in 2019, funded by inspiring customers and some of the best investment firms in the world, we are passionate about this space and hope that you are too.

You can think of Botany like a "Fitbit" or "Apple Health", but for software development habits and workflows.

At Botany, our mission is to empower and grow great software developers and engineering managers. We discover and create growth opportunities to help build habits and track improvement. We help managers scale their attention and effort by automating team operations.

We enable software organizations to maximize remote work, scale their engineering managers, and grow developers within critical “team” skills and behaviors

We welcome and prioritize the needs of people of all ethnicities, races, cultures, genders, and sexual orientations, and hope you’ll consider joining us!

About the role

You'll be joining Botany's small but amazing engineering team. This is a pivotal role for our company, and you will be part of the foundation on which we'll continue to build our engineering organization as we grow.

As a Full-stack Engineer joining at this early stage, you'll be in a position to influence the direction of the product, the technologies and processes of the engineering team, and the culture of the company.

Stack includes

TypeScript | Apache Kafka | Next.js | AWS Lambda | Docker/Kubernetes | GraphQL

What you'll do at Botany.io

  • Write and review code and documentation
  • Help us keep improving our developer experience and tools
  • Keep customers happy!
  • Plan and build features on our roadmap
  • Contribute to OSS communities we benefit from
Our Hiring Process
  • Step 1: Zoom or phone intro. Not a technical interview yet, though we may stray into technical topics :)
  • Step 2: Technical interview. We'll spend about 2 hours on some code-reading and problem-solving.
  • Step 3: Zoom or phone call to meet more of our founders.
  • Step 4: At this point, we owe you an offer or feedback about why it didn't work out.

What we offer

  • Work from anywhere. Botany is fully remote, but we'd like to maintain the engagement and teamwork that we get by having overlapping work hours. You can be anywhere as long as you can work 4 hours (at least one good flow-state worth of overlap) during the Pacific timezone (we're mostly in Seattle) workday. If co-working spaces are open in your area and you prefer that to your home, we cover the cost.
  • Salary and equity are negotiable depending on your needs.
  • Flexible time off policy and family leave.
  • Health, vision, dental

What you'll be doing

We're flexible on the spectrum of responsibilities for this role, but at a minimum, you'll be helping to design and build new features - from idea to shaping to production to measurement and iteration. You also maintain documentation, make sure our developer experience stays smooth, and keep customers happy by fixing issues.

We're an early-stage startup, so there are always opportunities to step outside of the engineering comfort zone. For example, managing customer relationships (our customers mostly have the same roles we do, so this part is pretty fun), working on external documentation and contributing to open-source communities we benefit from.

What we're looking for

This is just a bullet-list. We realize that no real person can be represented by a few bullets, so just think of this list as a rough template of experience that we think will help prepare you for this role. Please feel free to apply if they don't all apply to you but you think you'd still be a good fit.

  • You have strong opinions on technical and product topics, but you’re flexible and open to other points of view.
  • You've worked on teams and built entire applications or features that have been used by customers.
  • You understand how customers have used things you've built because you love measuring and iterating.
  • You love Typescript or have experience with another strongly-typed language.
  • You've done or are open to doing some UI development, and care about user experience and accessibility.
  • You aren't scared of infrastructure or automation.
  • You don't get angry or dismissive when people express opinions about the naming of the main git branch.